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There are billions of blogs and websites on the Internet today driven by technology WordPress. You know, since the information has been presented in Geekeries quite often, it is even the main CMS It is used today all over the world. It is therefore very natural that plugins are regularly offered to the editors of the site, in order to give them an effective way to enhance the reputation of their site and the activity of the company. Paid or free, among these thousands of extensions, some attract more attention than others. Today, the WordPress extension featured on the blog is about contests.

Introducing the WordPress Contest Plugin

Contests are flourishing more and more on the Internet, especially thanks to brands who want to gain more fame. This is a good way to reach more internet users and thus attract new clients. There are many influential websites and blogs on the web that are on very specific topics and are full of ideas to help their visitors win prizes.

Based on this observation and not detracting from the rule, created a plugin from scratch to be able to run contests to celebrate his blog’s 8th anniversary. Instead of doing it in a more or less classic way with comments and withdrawals, the plugin was created to also be able to take advantage of the amount of traffic generated on the site. a WordPress plugin A very new offer to download.

Contests are a way to promote your business

Web marketing is vital for a website to gain notoriety on the search engines. There are many strategies to achieve your goal. It is then necessary to choose the few actions that will be performed on its site. Among them, we find creating a community around the company, brand or tool. This community is often created on social networks. Its influence on natural references is significant. Social signals are important to Google. In addition, they make it possible to earn more new names every day, and they are also eager to belong to this community.

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To move and foster this community, brands must implement certain actions. And it is quite natural for a contest to come into play, as it is an effective way to attract customers and build loyalty. Prizes to be won, discounts on keys or gifts, brands have realized over time that to increase their turnover they had to invest. So running contests on your site has become almost a necessity. And using WordPress Concours to implement your strategy is a wise choice.

WordPress contest
*WordPress contest

WordPress Contest Features

WordPress Concours is fresh today and is in its stable version 1.0. Thanks to this plugin developed by their own web agency, you can:

  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Win prizes for your visitors by fully customizing your contest content
  • Create an email database
  • Increase your fans on social networks (FB and Twitter)

What can you do with it?

  • You can create as many contests as you want
  • You can fully customize the contest content
  • You can integrate Twitter and FB in the contest (via embeds)
  • You can see the number of participants in the contest
  • You can draw X winners for each competition
  • You can choose a contest from date to date (Before or after, statuses are updated)
  • There are security restrictions to participate in the contest: 1 entry = 1 IP
WordPress contest
*WordPress contest

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