How to Train SEO Staff for Beginners So They Can Contribute

In the area of SEO, entry-level may signify a variety of things.

  • It might imply that the applicants have little or no experience.
  • It may also need a few years of SEO experience.

According to Backlinko’s SEO Positions Report, the majority of SEO jobs (64 percent) do not require a college degree. However, most positions require two to five years of experience.

Many SEO firms rely primarily on entry-level or inexperienced SEOs. This is because it is less expensive.

This business concept can succeed, but it usually necessitates extensive training.

You must constantly safeguard the quality of your job while keeping your clients satisfied.

You don’t want to find yourself in a scenario where your junior SEO is providing advice that isn’t up to pace with the SEO experience of your customer base.

Presuming you’ve previously qualified your hiring with some important SEO interview questions (adapted for an entry-level applicant), and assuming your prospects have the soft skills needed to be effective at SEO, here are some strategies for getting your new SEO hires up to speed and contributing.

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Make sure new SEO hires are up-to-date with industry best practices

Right away, you should ensure that they comprehend SEO best practices and ideas. If they have minimal expertise with SEO, it is necessary to instruct them in crucial areas.

Different sorts of SEO learning resources achieve various goals. As an example:

  • SEO training courses can provide a general overview of SEO as a whole or focus on specific elements of SEO (for example, technical SEO, on-page optimization, writing content for SEO, etc.). While a basic introduction video is a wonderful place to start, focused training will benefit your students. This is a terrific approach to get entry-level employees up to speed on crucial topics when it comes from a reliable source.
  • In-depth articles and e-books might provide a fresh take on an SEO issue or topic in a short period of time. There is no lack of SEO gurus who share their expertise on their own websites or on third-party industry sites.
  • SEO industry news websites are required daily reading for anybody working in our field, regardless of level. They may assist your entry-level SEOs in becoming acquainted with current Google and search marketing trends. Because SEO is a fast-paced market with frequent changes, encouraging your employees to read these websites as part of their continuing education is vital.
  • SEO events may provide a comprehensive deep dive into SEO. These multi-day events (either online or in-person) help any SEO’s education, especially if they’re new to the field.

Don’t just send your newly recruited junior SEO out into the world to locate their own instructional materials. Provide a list of credible sources from which they may learn. Encourage them, however, to come to you with possibilities that they are interested in.

Most essential, provide them with a training budget. Investing in them is equivalent to investing in your SEO agency.

Make sure new SEO hires are trained on your SEO methodology

Some new SEO recruits may bring unique abilities to the table, which you do not want to discourage.

However, ensure that they have a structure within which to work. Being equipped with industry best practices gets your SEO new recruit off to a good start.

Aside from that, most agencies have their own style of doing things. Making ensuring your agency’s processes and preferences are recorded so that new recruits can come up to speed quickly is the first step in training.

This also involves how your company manages projects (this is almost as important as the work itself).

Create a checks and balances system

Allowing any new hire’s work to go unnoticed might jeopardize your brand’s reputation and your company’s financial line.

To safeguard your clients and your brand, ensure that more senior workers are included in any initiatives that the new recruit works on for an extended length of time. Working with an entry-level SEO, a senior SEO may guarantee that the job is sound.

This also allows senior personnel to mentor new hires while they work on a project together.

Hands-on experience is the best SEO training, and this mentoring will teach you how to execute SEO as well as how to deal with clients.

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