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Stable Mini PC, Good Deal or Trouble? be careful !


A mini computer is a small desktop computer that is very different from a small laptop or nanocomputer. Like a classic computer, it consists of a central unit in the form of a small box with a side of 20 cm and a maximum thickness of 5 cm. It has the same functions and characteristics as a PC in terms of microprocessors, web browsing, office automation, multimedia, connectors, and graphic design. The latest technological developments have made it possible to bring small computers to the market at the height of a classic tower computer. We give you some tips to buy the right product.


What are the advantages of a mini computer?

aesthetics. New mini PCs are engineered with a sleek design and refined, refined finishes.

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Mobility. Small and lightweight computers can be easily transported thanks to their design. It can be brought in a bag or carried by hand. They don’t take up much space on a table, desk, or even in her lap. This makes their use nomadic.

the performance. The new mini PCs with Windows 11, 10, and Linux available in the i7 version offer high performance for video editing and gaming and are generally equipped with SSD hard drives, which increase their performance.

Energy saving. Small computers consume very little power. In particular, thanks to the M1 chips, which have a low consumption/performance ratio.

Multi use. Whether it is browsing the Internet, word processing, video editing, photo editing, or playing video games, its functions are diverse. You will find the same functions as in the classic PC.

Should you invest in a mini PC?

It is very affordable for all wallets. It is possible to find mini-computers that are cheaper than tower computers, but with the same features. However, there are also high-end mini PCs that are more expensive. Mini PCs under €100 are necessarily less efficient and less well-equipped. The lack of ports and certain parts, slow cooling, the problem of soldered-together components, and the difficulty of replacing parts are all characteristics of low-cost mini PCs. Pay attention, a mini PC at the same price as a classic PC doesn’t mean it will be as powerful. It will take 200 euros for the most efficient. Depending on how much money you’re willing to shell out, sometimes it’s best to build your own computer using components you already own, such as a laptop’s hard drive, or by purchasing memory online.

Smaller than other types of devices, the mini PC appeals to practicality and ease of use. However, given its small size that makes it frequently used, this has a significant impact on its autonomy, which is in fact declining rapidly.

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