Spotify, Meta update political ad offerings for 2022 election cycle

Spotify and Meta update political ad offerings for the 2022 election cycle

Spotify and Meta have made significant adjustments to their ad networks in preparation for the 2022 midterm elections in the United States. These reforms are expected to have an influence on political ad expenditures this election season.

Spotify reintroduces political advertising. Spotify issued the following email to partners this week:

  • Political ads will be eligible to run across thousands of podcasts on and off of Spotify.
  • Podcasts on the Spotify network will have the ability to turn off political ads.
  • The ads will only run on the Spotify podcast network for now.
  • The ads will not run on the free-streaming music networks.
  • Spotify will only host ads from known political entities (not issue-related groups).

Political marketers may also use Spotify’s artificial intelligence-powered “contextual targeting” to target specialized populations. Spotify claims that this will allow advertisers to reach their target demographic by placing adverts in podcasts covering relevant themes.

Spotify stopped advertising all political advertisements in 2020 because they couldn’t “responsibly validate” them. So, what’s new in 2022?

“We’ve spent the last two years refining and improving our procedures, systems, and resources to appropriately evaluate and review this information,” a Spotify representative told Protocol.

Updated congressional districts are now included in meta targeting. Advertisers will be able to target consumers based on congressional districts in the United States. This data will be based on the 2020 census and will be available on all ad interfaces and APIs with the “2020-census” designation. As the districts are completed, they will be made available for location targeting across Meta.

One caveat: if a congressional map is under the lawsuit, there will be no targeting for the time being. As a result, advertisers will have to manually target visitors by ZIP code or city.

The prior pre-2020 census data will be used for targeting until the beginning of 2023. To be eligible, any marketers that want to run advertising on Meta properties must be permitted with the appropriate disclaimers.

Why we are concerned: Political advertising will have new chances as we enter the next election cycle, owing to Spotify and revised congressional districting on Meta. This should result in more digital advertising spending – and, if the Spotify AI performs as described, a far more personalized alternative for political marketers.

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