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On Geekeries, you can discover the popular plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast and its replacement Search engine optimization framework. I just tested a new unit and can’t miss its presentation. It outweighs, in my opinion, the precedents quoted. Comfortable and easy to handle, its technical innovations and complete functionality make this extension of WordPress The most effective way to improve a site for SEO.

Navigating with all the SEO plugins is quite complicated, be it on the free or paid side. SEO click Responds to the problems of all publishers.

View the SEOPress plugin

You all know that website optimization is essential if you want it to rise in the first results of Google. Doing everything by hand is not easy, or even wise, and here’s why WordPress plugins Available. To meet publishers’ demand for a complete natural reference optimization plugin, Benjamin DENIS went into overdrive and developed it SEO click.

SEO click
SEO click

The testimonials are unanimous: The freemium plugin outperforms other SEO plugins. Its free version is well designed and provides all the benefits and features that publishers are looking for. The disadvantages of WordPress SEO are not found in SEO click. So why not go straight to this extension?

Let’s see together some of the free features of the extension.

Full features of SEOPress

when WordPress plugin It is not always easy to find a complete and effective one. However, the free features of SEO click Show the full power of the plugin. Today I show you some of the functions that are there once you install the plugin.


From the dashboard, you can access all the available options. With a simple click, you can activate or deactivate a function. You can also go to the management interface for each game by clicking on the “Manage” button available on each box.

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Titles and metas

Titles and metadata are important in SEO, but I’m not telling you that. So, naturally, this is the first function you can access from the plugin. Five tabs appear, each with specific options.

  • welcome Place your homepage title tag and meta descriptions here.
  • Content types details : articles, pages, pictures, settings are made in this part. You can also choose to put content types in noindex or nofollow and whether or not to display the date in Google results.
  • Archives : Same as before with the addition of other “archive” content types. 404 page flags change here.
  • Categories: Here the categories and labels are the targets of the settings.
  • advanced : allows you to manage the parameters of all pages without exception. If the feature needs to be enabled on all pages, this tab is for you.
  • Trouble finding variables to include? Click More Tags, help is provided.
SEOPress - address
SEOPress – address

XML/HTML sitemaps

An XML sitemap is essential if you want your site to be indexed on Google. It is he who will tell the search engines which pages to index and which pages he does not need to take into account.

  • general: Allow XML and HTML sitemap to be activated or not. You can also ping Google directly from the plugin. Big time saver.
  • Content types and ratings These two parts allow you to decide which types of content should appear in the sitemap and which should be blocked.
  • HTML sitemap By using an HTML sitemap, you are presenting a cohesive sitemap to your visitors. Also a boost for not losing sight of SEO.
SEOPress - map
SEOPress – map


Depending on the location, you’ll want to link your social accounts. Necessary to enhance your notoriety, I can only advise you to inform the accounts correctly in this part (and especially to activate the option).

  • Knowledge Graph : Various fields to fill in to configure the Google Knowledge Graph (phone number, name, logo, etc.).
  • your social accounts : indicate in the corresponding fields the urls of your social accounts and display them directly on your site.
  • FB : to manage and configure Open Graph FBFill in the various fields provided for this purpose.
  • Twitter Same for Facebook, but this time for Twitter. Thus the sharing on these two networks will be better controlled.
SEOPress - Social
SEOPress – Social


Every WordPress plugin has advanced features. SEO click is Not an exception to the rule.

  • advanced : redirect attachment pages, remove unnecessary words from urls or /category/ or perform a Search Console check? All of these options are available here.
  • appearance : Like any plugin, it is important to be able to manage the plugin display in the back office. Between removing SEOPress in the toolbar, adding or not adding the title field in an article or the noindex box in articles, different parameters can be set.
  • protection : If you are managing multiple users on your site, you will be happy to know that you can give them access or not the SEO options of the plugin.

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SEOPress – PRO version


Other very interesting features to be discovered in the plugin.
It includes the following features:

  • WooCommerce: Full compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin that turns WordPress into a real e-commerce
  • Dublin Core: Allows the use of Dublin Core meta tags (dc.title, dc.description, dc.source, dc.language, dc.relation, dc.subject)
  • Structured data types: Add support for structured data to make it look better in Google search results.
  • Breadcrumb: Allows you to activate and use an enhanced breadcrumb with the following code to include in your template.

[code]if (function_exists (‘seopress_display_breadcrumbs’)) { echo seopress_display_breadcrumbs (); }[/code]

  • Page Speed: Allows you to combine page speed and thus check your site’s performance with Google Page Speed.
  • Robots.txt: A useful function that allows you to quickly modify your robots.txt file
  • Google News: The Ultimate Job! Which allows you to add a custom Google News sitemap.
  • 404: A great tool for controlling 404 errors and creating a real redirect strategy.
  • htaccess: A function that allows you to easily edit the htaccess file.

You are already using SEO click ? I look forward to your feedback today. For my part, I support Benjamin’s project and wish him the extension to receive the recognition and success it deserves.



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