SEOClarity acquires RankSense technology

SEO Clarity acquires RankSense technology

SeoClarity, an enterprise SEO platform, announced today that it has acquired RankSense technology and intellectual property (IP). The deal’s terms were not disclosed.

Hamlet Batista, who died in January 2021, invented RankSense, which is best defined as an “agile SEO platform.”

Why did seoClarity purchase RankSense? According to Mitul Gandhi, co-founder and Chief Architect of seoClarity, the technology will be incorporated into the ClarityAutomate platform for corporations.

“It clears the way for our ambition of offering the most comprehensive SEO platform to test, execute, and automate difficult SEO tasks at scale.”

What it implies for users of SEOClarity. The combination of RankSense and Clarity Automate will enable its users to make crucial fixes at scale more rapidly and with no dev resources required, such as:

  • Updating on-page SEO changes.
  • Running SEO tests.
  • Applying page speed optimizations.
  • Deploying schema.

According to SEOClarity, it is utilized by over 3,500 brands, businesses, and agencies (including Orbitz, Samsung, Expedia, and Overstock).

What does this mean for RankSense? “Hamlet had a love for the search sector and overcoming SEO difficulties,” according to Odette Martinez, Hamlet’s wife. “His contributions were wide and generous, and seoClarity’s transfer assures that his vision and legacy will go on.”

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Why do we care? The death of Batista shocked the SEO community.

He made significant contributions to the search market and was a strong advocate for automating and growing SEO using technology.

It’s wonderful to know that his work and legacy will go on.

Lily Ray, senior director of SEO and head of organic research at Amsive Digital, one of Batista’s closest friends, responded to the news on Twitter:

The year of purchases continues. It feels like only yesterday (oh, wait, it was!) that I was writing about how this year has been a year of significant shift in the SEO tools sector. As we approach the midpoint of 2022, here’s a rundown of all the major deals we’ve seen thus far:

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