Reach Success With The Future Of Ad Exchanges [Podcast]

Reach Success With The Future Of Ad Exchanges [Podcast]

Are you always seeking new methods to maximize your ad spend? Do you want a high-ROI paid advertising future? We have exciting news: the future has here.

Big changes are on the way, and we know how to turn your advertising potential into high-quality leads.

John Lee, Microsoft Ads’ Head of Evangelism, joined me on the SEJ Show to discuss the future of ad exchanges and how they may help you prosper with high-performance, low-resource programmatic advertising.

Because people hop, skip and jump about, there are numerous chances to target customers along their decision journey, with Microsoft advertising playing a big role. 11:25 a.m. –John Lee

When most people think of Microsoft, they think of enterprise business, B2B, and that’s the tried and proven. While that is still a substantial piece of Microsoft’s bottom line, the consumer is extremely important, whether it is gaming or gadgets. 22:46 –John Lee

There is a change in internet behavior. We’re seeing the emergence of a new character. 46:05 –John Lee

  • [00:00] – A little about John Lee.
  • [05:35] – How does the Microsoft advertising ecosystem look like?
  • [09:38] – What you can find in the display component of Microsoft.
  • [12:02] – Targeting in LinkedIn with Microsoft advertising.
  • [17:13] – Are Microsoft advertising ads shown within the X-box experience?
  • [23:52] – Important & growing vertical industries that Microsoft has focused on.
  • [31:22] – Are people still scrolling down and clicking on organic links in the SERPS?
  • [37:45] – How important are images in search advertising?
  • [45:26] – The new emerging personas.

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Reach Success With The Future Of Ad Exchanges [Podcast]

All of these other improvements, these feed-based aspects, are fresh and extra flavors to create an incredible user experience. Whether it’s SEO or sponsored advertisements, everything is working together to generate an on-point user experience on the server, whether it’s Google or Bing. 34:28 –John Lee

There is a lot going on in the verticals space, and that is only the top of the iceberg. 28:22 –John Lee

Just a friendly reminder to all of you SEOs and website owners out there.

Your sites all have a feed. It’s known as an XML sitemap. Check that it’s up to date.

Google can retrieve it and not serve problems. All of these engines rely on feeds.

Don’t be scared to also submit your RSS feeds for your blog categories to the search panel. Imitate it in Bing Webmaster Tools as well.

Search engines have become quite feed-friendly. This is the correct path to take. It’s also the best route to go in terms of advertising. Loren Baker (33:08)

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John Lee’s zeal for digital marketing is contagious, and he possesses the necessary understanding. He’s been doing it for a long time and understands how to produce results, whether as an entrepreneur with Clix Marketing (which he co-founded) or in his present capacity as Head of Evangelism at Microsoft Advertising.

He has extensive expertise with search engine marketing, display advertising, and social media marketing–Content creator, speaker, trainer, and digital enthusiast (marketing and technology).

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