Latest digital marketing trends to better connect with customers

Marketers are still adjusting to the huge changes in recent years. Buyers, on the other hand, continue to expect marketers to give customized and pleasurable experiences.

Fortunately, the technology and data that can assist are becoming more widely available.

Oracle polled 853 marketers in the United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom in collaboration with Ascend2. The findings demonstrate which trends and technologies are assisting marketers in pivoting when appropriate, connecting with customers, and driving conversions.

Top challenges marketers are currently facing

One of the most difficult difficulties for 38% of marketers was optimizing effectiveness across channels. Audiences may now be found virtually anywhere. They access and interact with material through a multitude of channels and devices.

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Somehow, marketers have to keep up with them, stay consistent and relevant with their messaging, and deliver value. Customers tell you everything you need to know about how to please them with their online behaviors. The right technology helps by taking in that data so marketers can use it to connect with customers and adapt their strategies as necessary.

Tactics and technologies for marketing success

In the coming year, 43 percent of marketing businesses want to provide more tailored content and offers. Customers will find it simpler to absorb much of this knowledge thanks to videos and virtual events. Personalization will also enable marketers to focus more on client retention rather than customer acquisition.

What technologies will help?

  • You can anticipate client demands by using a customer data platform (CDP).
  • A content management system (CMS) aids in the administration and creation of more inventive material.
  • A customer loyalty program encourages and compensates consumers who continue to interact with your brand.

Go all-in on AI

59% of marketers that think they can’t live without AI have very effective marketing strategies. Thirty percent of marketers polled overall are concerned about AI’s capacity to predict client behavior and alter advertising.

AI creates efficiencies and maximizes resources, especially with manual, repetitive tasks, such as:

  • Creating campaign workflows
  • Experiment with different offers, subject lines, and text.
  • Content personalization.

42 percent of marketers currently believe AI can customize content and offers in real-time.

Marketers look forward to big things this year

A remarkable 94 percent of marketers considered their 2021 to be a success. Thirty-seven percent believe 2022 will be another successful year.

Find out what trends and technologies will make it so.

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