How do you refer to a WordPress blog?

In order for a new website to succeed in being discovered by search engines, certain criteria are required, the most important of which is search engine optimization. However, after they are established, many websites often struggle with their SEO, which means they have a hard time appearing in search results. In order to help you better solve the problem, this article can serve as a guide to finding the best strategy that can refer to your WordPress blog.

Why can’t I find my site on Google?

Among the many search keywords that can lead to a specific site, its name remains the most relevant keyword. As a result, as soon as this name is entered in the search bar, the official link to the site should logically be displayed first in the list of results obtained. You can then imagine that it would be very frustrating if your site remained untraceable even using this method. For good reason, it is likely that Google is not aware of its existence and therefore is not registered in its database.

Search engine optimization tips

Currently, there are many natural reference services that you can use to help you improve the visibility of your blog on the Internet. However, these services are generally chargeable, which can put off people who don’t have the necessary budget. However, don’t worry because there are still other simplified tips to alert you of your site’s presence on Google.

level 1

First of all, it is necessary to choose a topic that will interest the audience. The more relevant your topic is, the more likely it is to be indicated by Google, of course, provided that the latter fully respects all the rules of SEO technology. On the Internet you can find already ready-to-use themes such as Divi, Genesis … easy to work with, they often have a how-to guide and offer different templates for both beginners and professionals in terms of programming, development and design.

Sometimes it happens that at the very beginning of its creation, the site WordPress It is subject to indexing by search engines while it is not yet operational. This is why the developer blocks them during the development process. However, the ban must be lifted when the site is put online. To do this, you must:

  1. Enter the WordPress administration window, and click on the Settings option to access the Reading section;
  2. Uncheck the box next to Ask search engines not to index this site
  3. Finally, save the changes.

The second step

In a WordPress site, robots.txt is also a search engine blocker. To modify it, enter the SEO section, click on Tools and then File Editor. Once in the editor, enter the Robots.txt file and enter the lines:

  • User agent: Disallow:
  • In the end, save the changes.

Step 3

This is to create a sitemap file through WordPress plugin Yost seo. Enter the SEO section, click on XML sitemaps, activate the feature, click save changes and a link to the sitemap file will appear after that. Copy the link address by right-clicking on the link to find the Paste option.

Step 4

The site has been added to Search Console to better display where your sitemap is. So :

  1. Go to;
  2. Sign in with your Google account;
  3. click add property;
  4. Enter the site address;
  5. Click add;
  6. Click the Other Methods tab;
  7. select HTML tag;
  8. Copy the code shown after the content;
  1. Go back to the WordPress admin interface;
  2. Open the SEO section.
  3. Enter the dashboard and select the Webmaster Tools tab;
  4. Paste the code into Google Search Console;
  5. save by clicking save changes;
  6. Return to Search Console;
  7. Click Validate.

Fifth step

Sitemap validation in Search Console:

  1. open the Search Console interface;
  2. Click Explore ˃ Sitemaps ˃ Add/Test Sitemap;
  3. Paste the previously copied sitemap file address;
  4. send.

Step 6

Create pages on social networks.

Step 7

Create a Google My Business account that will increase your site’s signal that will be intercepted by Google. to do:

Go to Google My Business

  1. click start;
  2. fill in the required information;
  3. continue to continue all indications;
  4. Save the changes to complete the process.

Step 8

This is the Backlins generation. This is a list of backlinks related to the site. In order for you to be able to benefit from it, you must register the site in general and subject professional directories.

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