Google Search Console reporting issue with performance report

Google Search Console reporting issue with a performance report

A logging mistake in Google Search Console News performance report may have resulted in a reduction in impressions and clicks from Google News.

Google stated that this was only a reporting error and had no effect on how your site ranked or served in Google News.

The announcement. Google issued the following alert: “Because of a logging problem, site owners may see a reduction in their Google News statistics during this period.” This is only a logging issue, not a genuine reduction in Google News performance.”

Timetable has been affected. Between May 12, 2022 and May 26, 2022, Google had this logging issue.

Why do we care? If you have or will offer reporting to customers, please in aware that the News performance report experienced logging difficulties for nearly half of May. Make a note of this logging mistake and share it with your clients and stakeholders.

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