Google Execs Share Vision & Strategy For Google Ads

Google Execs Share Vision & Strategy For Google Ads

On May 24, 2022, Google held its annual Google Marketing Live event.

The event’s main focus was on estimates for Google Ads’ future development.

Google announced a 24 percent increase in search revenue year over year during its Q1 earnings call.

The seminar on forecasting the future of ad growth was delivered by John Nicoletti, Google’s VP of Global Product and Sales Activation.

He provided two critical building pieces for advertising looking to stand out from the crowd:

  • To improve search performance, go all-in on automation.
  • Expand your business through new channels.

“There are always opportunities for development and innovation,” Nicoletti said. Consumers adapt as technology advances. It is critical for marketers to be on the cutting edge and to move quickly.

Elevating Your Search Strategy

According to Nicoletti, “80 percent or more of marketers use automated bidding in Google Ads to save time while delivering higher performance.”

In his presentation, he declares that the “trifecta” of search automation involves the following crucial components:

  • Broad match keywords: By keeping keyword matches broad, it allows you to cast a wider net on relevant searches.
  • Responsive Search Ads: Responsive Search ads help deliver the right message to the right customer and allow you to scale faster.
  • Smart Bidding: Takes the manual work out of controlling each individual bid. Smart Bidding takes into account each individual search and user to bid accordingly based on your campaign goals.

Diversify Your Channels To Find More Customers

While Search is an excellent approach to finding consumers who are ready to act, relying solely on Search will restrict your development prospects.

Nicoletti focused on a Performance Max + Value-Based Bidding model to let you simply increase your efforts and reach your clients no matter where they are.

Your adverts will appear outside of search engines as part of the Performance Max benefit. You may now contact consumers on:

  • Display Network
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Maps

A case study supporting Performance Max found a 13% improvement in total incremental conversions at a comparable CPA.

Nicoletti stressed that any marketer may quickly get started with Performance Max. This campaign type can be started even if your creative talents are limited.


Change is constant and will only accelerate in the future.

Advertisers must think beyond just meeting today’s needs. Concentrate on long-term strategy. Nicoletti advises you to focus on creating your brand in order to create demand for the future.

“Become Edison.” “Take action today to break apart from the pack,” Nicoletti says.

Source: Google Marketing Live

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