Google help document adds author markup best practices

Google help document adds author markup best practices

Google has introduced a new section to the Article structured data guidelines on recommended practices for author markup.

As a reminder, you may add Article structured data to your news, blog, and sports article pages to improve your visibility in Google Search results.

Author annotation. According to Google, “we recommend following these best practices when indicating authors in markup to help Google better understand and portray the author of the content.”

Best practices are evolving. The following are the new best practices:

  • Include all authors in the markup
  • Specify multiple authors when applicable
  • Use the additional fields that is available to you
  • Only specify the author’s name in the author. name property
  • Use the appropriate author type

Google also shares some examples of how to implement these best practices.

Why do we care? Make sure you’re following these new documented author best practices if you’re utilizing Article markup. It may assist your content appear in article rich results, resulting in more engagement and clicks from Google Search results.

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