Google Announces Automatic Opt-In For Condition

Google Announces Automatic Opt-In For Condition

Google will modify the condition attribute for shopping advertisements later this month. If you are a store, your items may be rejected if improper attribution is specified.

A condition attribute informs potential customers of the state of the goods you’re offering. There are now three condition attributes:

A condition is not required for new products, however, it is required for used and refurbished things.

What impact will this have? All shopping accounts will be automatically opted in to receive condition updates.

This crucial feature, which is utilized to improve Google’s search results, will employ information from your landing page to assist keep your data (products) more accurate and up to date.

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There is no information on whether Google will begin requiring the condition to be added for New items, or if the move would just affect things for which the condition is already set.

“I don’t really view this as a negative thing TBH, because the condition is something that should be put appropriately on a PDP (product description page) anyhow, so if it’s not already… update it anyway,” says Kirk Williams of Zato Marketing. But when I read the phrase “all accounts will opt-in!” I always pay heed.

Why we are concerned:

Automatic updates may be inconvenient for businesses and marketers if they have an impact on performance, cost, or exposure.

However, this modification appears to be more beneficial than harmful, as it was designed to assist shops in keeping their product information up to date without the hassle of changing each item individually.

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