Google Analytics 4 integration now available for Ads Manager

In Google Ad Manager Analytics reports, advertisers will be able to report on Google Analytics 4 behavioral data across the web and app.

Google Ad Manager publisher networks will now offer web data reporting, according to a recent announcement.

Google has announced that web data reporting will be available within the Ad Manager publisher networks.

What metrics are used? As traffic from Google advertising will appear in your statistics with the following metrics:

  • Ad format
  • Ad source
  • Ad unit
  • Page path + query string and screen class
  • Ad unit exposure
  • Publisher ad clicks
  • Publisher ad impression
  • Total ad revenue

Technical specifications. The technical prerequisites for attaching Google Analytics 4 to Ad Manager may be found in the help manual.

Why do we care? Viewing and collecting statistics on app monetization and behavioral data enables marketers to further follow the customer journey and deliver deeper audience insights.

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