Google Ads launches v11 of API

Take note, developers. Google Ads has just released version 11 of its API.

What is new? The following client codes have been updated in this version:

  • Maximum campaign performance upgrade status
  • Support for Smart campaigns employing business profiles optimized for advertisements as landing sites has been added. The resource names of the Google Business Profile location are now accepted.
  • Support for manual CPA, bid techniques to increase conversions, and ad scheduling for local services campaigns
  • Added asset source to display the source of the asset or asset link for whom the entity was produced.
  • In Reach Forecast, additional fields have been added to facilitate getting co-viewing data.

View the full list of changes. The entire list of modifications and the announcement may be seen here.

The launch date. The revised client libraries and code will be released the following week.

Why do we care?

Developers that utilize APIs to manage and report on Google Ad campaigns will find it easier to make modifications, migrate campaign types, and keep budgets, assets, and settings intact. Further upgrades provide more functionality choices for using Business Profiles as landing pages, as well as ad scheduling for local services.

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