Google adds Asian-owned attribute to business profiles

Google has announced the addition of a new characteristic for Asian-owned firms to Google Business Profiles.

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How to Include the Attribute To add this property to your Google Business Profile, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile.
  • Choose Edit profile → Business information.
  • Select the More tab towards the top.
  • Choose the category you wish to modify.
  • Select Yes or No next to the characteristic.
  • When you’ve completed editing your characteristics, click the Save button.

Other characteristics Yelp has had this sort of characteristic since May 2021; this is another example of Google catching up to Yelp.

Google launched family-led (which is no longer accessible), veteran-led, and women-led attributes in 2018, black-owned attributes in 2020, a Latino-owned attribute in company profiles in 2021, and LGBTQ+ attributes in business profiles lately.

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Features like these might help your profile get attention, therefore if you qualify for any of these Business Profile attributes, you should add them to your profile – and at the very least test them out. Businesses must seize all opportunity they can to increase income and consumer base.

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