Digital marketing ranks in the top 3 hottest skills Americans are learning in 2022

It’s no surprise that the previous several years have been difficult for employees all across the world. The “quit rate” in the United States alone hit a 20-year high, giving rise to the term “Great Resignation.”

Earlier this year, we reported on another oddity known as the “Great Reshuffle,” in which 618,000 marketers were laid off in 2021.

According to a LinkedIn survey, this tendency will continue far into 2022, with 24 percent of marketers seeking a new career and 62 percent changing occupations entirely.

What does the data indicate? Preply examined Google Trends data and examined 572 terms that represented an interest in more than 50 distinct skills important to American workers

According to LinkedIn, remote marketing job share has increased by 121 percent year on year. According to the same survey, social media occupations are among the most in-demand this year. It should come as no surprise that digital marketing talents are on the rise. Workers are seeking ways to work remotely as COVID protocols evolve. Digital marketing jobs undoubtedly provide the freedom and independence that many individuals seek.

Other topics of interest While digital marketing came in second with 35%, data science came in first with 76%. Other areas of interest were data management (34%), interpersonal communication, and management (34 percent ).

Hotspots for digital marketing According to the Preply research, the majority of interest in these skills comes from metropolitan regions. Online learning, on the other hand, allows anybody with a reliable internet connection to engage from anywhere in the world. However, Arkansas (125 percent) and Chicago have seen the greatest rise in digital marketing abilities (32 percent ).

Why do we care?

Digital marketing will not go away anytime soon. Even advances in AI and automation aren’t reducing the demand for social media marketers, account managers, SEO professionals, and others. Marketers have historically sought to migrate to major urban regions such as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Because of inflation and rising living costs, that might change shortly. Learning new digital marketing skills helps people position themselves to be in demand for the positions they desire and the pay they deserve.NH

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