Agape – Wordle players devastated by another ‘almost impossible’ challenge’

Wordle gamers have been annoyed by the term ‘agape,’ as fans failed to solve this foreign word and resorted to social media to complain.

The word ‘agape’ has puzzled some Wordle players who were unfamiliar with it and hence struggled to solve Wordle 383.

Words like pinto, gawky, droll, and brink are among Wordle challenges that have previously confounded Wordle aficionados in recent weeks. However, the most recent task is so difficult that the term has begun trending on social media as a result of admirers’ inability to answer it.

On July 7, fans were thrown a curveball with the word ‘agape’ for Wordle challenge 383. Angry fans argued that because the word was uncommon and not widely used, it was too tough to solve. Fans have also claimed that this term has wrecked their hard work, with many losing streaks and others swearing off the game permanently.

“Wordle 383 6/6 agape nearly impossible,” commented one Wordle player who found the word ‘agape’ tough to answer but guessed the word on their sixth attempt.

“Blimey! This is not a frequent expression. 4/6 for Wordle 383 “stated another player who solved the word but struggled because it isn’t common in most people’s everyday language.

“383 2/6 #wordle I’m not sure how I guessed this. It’s not a frequent word “stated another player who had an excellent score that they attributed to dumb luck.


Other players concentrated on the fact that they had been improving their winning streaks until they were confronted with this one-of-a-kind challenge, which wrecked their remarkable streaks.

“My streak has come to an end at 130. With that, I no longer want to play this game. I’ll see whether I feel the same way tomorrow. Wordle 383 X/6, #Wordle383 “stated one of the players.

“Wordle 383 X/6 97 victory streak ended!” said one dejected fan, who was on the verge of breaking the 100-day streak.

“Grrr. I’ve apparently started a losing streak. 383 X/6* on Wordle “another admirer stated


Many participants failed to solve this word since they had never heard it before. Don’t worry if you were one of these gamers; you’re not alone!

The term ‘agape’ is commonly used to describe someone’s mouth when it is open wide. So you may say, ‘he stared, mouth open, with delight.’ “(of a person) with the mouth wide open, especially displaying surprise or shock; (of the mouth) wide open, especially in surprise or shock,” according to the Cambridge dictionary.

If you struggled with this task and want to improve, there are a few Wordle hacks and Wordle tactics that can help you raise your results. If you’re looking for a different style of challenge, there are a few wordle options to consider.

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