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Today I present to you AffiliateWP, the best affiliate plugin WordPress for advertisers. Commercial links or banner ads are displayed on many websites. Whether in the header, in an article/page or in the sidebar, these advertisements have a very specific purpose: to encourage Internet users to purchase the offered product.

This ad serving system is often set up in the form of affiliation. Affiliation is known by all webmasters. On the one hand, there is an announcer and an announcer. Obviously, the advertiser will authorize the broadcaster to display an advertisement for their products or services on their site. In turn, all visitors who click on the banner ad will allow the broadcaster to earn a commission at the very moment the conversion is made. Their success has been growing for several years and the development of niche sites or extensions has never stopped.

AffiliateWP plugin overview

This affiliate marketing plugin is very successful. If you are an advertiser and want to start an affiliate program to increase your revenue and traffic, then AffiliateWP is the right plugin for you. Easy to use, by installing it on your WordPress site, you will be able to offer affiliate links to other webmasters. Thanks to these, you will have the opportunity to win new sales and increase your notoriety in your sector of activity. A win-win market in both directions, whether on your part as the advertiser or on the side of the broadcaster who will earn a percentage in the form of commission.

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The WordPress plugin AffiliateWP is designed with the goal of meeting the demand of advertisers and broadcasters. Affiliate links distributed on the sites aim to grow the business and generate additional income for the distributors. This plugin is quickly and easily configured on all WordPress sites. Compatible with WooCommerce and other ecommerce plugins, professionals who have chosen WordPress to create their online store will be delighted with the AffiliateWP plugin plugin.

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AffiliateWP plugin features examined

Once you know all the features of the plugin, you can just fall in love with it. The developers have spoiled the webmasters of this extension. The many features in place will allow advertisers to monitor their sales according to broadcasters, as well as keep an eye on the best ads. Important features that indicate plugin success.

AffiliateWP installs and activates like all other extensions. Once activated, a welcome page is displayed giving you details of the people who helped create this plugin. This tab also allows you to start the first settings.


The dashboard gives you useful information regarding the various sales statistics of your products through affiliates. This information is grouped under various labels. You have the total statistics, how much you have spent to pay your affiliates and what they are owed. You will also find the last registered affiliates or the ones that bring you the most sales.

These statistics allow you to re-select pivots according to the data and preference of one or the other affiliate. But let’s get to the bottom of the matter, in particular, with plugin configuration.

AffiliateWP WordPress - لوحة القيادة
AffiliateWP WordPress – Dashboard

Various tabs of the plugin

Each tab offers unique and essential data to make this premium WordPress plugin work well. By configuring the extension as it should be, you put all chances on your side to increase your income and traffic.


On this tab, you have an overview of all the affiliates on your site. You see which ones are active and inactive, which are pending, and which ones you have rejected. The table columns show quick stats for each affiliate. How much did they earn, how many hits did you get thanks to them, etc. A specific tab is also set up to be managed and added manually.

To add an affiliate, click the Add New button. Choose from the drop-down list the affiliate you want to register on your site manually and fill in the different fields: User, Affiliate Status, Referral Rate Type, Referral Rate (what is the commission percentage for this user), Pay Email (so that he gets paid), Email my welcome.

To edit an affiliate, click the Edit button. You have the possibility to change the commission percentage, payment email address and account email. The rest is not available for editing.

Finally, in the Affiliates menu, you can also see statistics for the last days, the past weeks, and the past months. The earnings curve will be displayed based on the users. Thus you will discover your best publishers.

AffiliateWP WordPress - الشركات التابعة
AffiliateWP WordPress – Affiliates


This page is for total referrals per user. At a glance, you discover pending payments. On each line, you can mark a transaction as paid, declined, or accepted. You can also modify or delete a transaction. Again, you can manually add a reference and edit an existing one. The Create CSV file option allows you to create a file that aggregates all sales in a specific period.

AffiliateWP WordPress - الإحالات
AffiliateWP WordPress – Referrals


This page lists all of the traffic that came through your affiliates. Important data to know the source of income generated by your site. Thus the affiliate program can be beneficial for you, because you will see the conversions that have been abandoned and those that have occurred. The IP address, the date and time of the visit, the origin of the visit and the landing page are the main information that is published.


To offer your affiliates ads that blend with the audience, the Creatives tab is the one you need. Thanks to the visuals provided, affiliates will be able to increase their sales and attract more visitors to your site. Simple way to generate more traffic and turnover.

To add a new visual, click Add New. The following fields must be filled in: name, description, url, text, image and status. Once these elements are in place, the banner ad will be available to the users. They will receive a short code to enter into their page.

In edit mode, you find the same fields to add.

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The Reports tab provides the necessary information to see the statistics of its site regarding its affiliates. The Traffic tab allows you to find out the total traffic, conversion rate for each affiliate, and the commissions going on. What is your best campaign or what is your best affiliate? The tool will tell you based on the most recent transactions.

AffiliateWP WordPress - التقارير
AffiliateWP WordPress – Reports


Keep in mind that you should export your data regularly, as you are not immune to having your site hacked or something going wrong. For this, the “Tools” tab will be perfect for you. It allows you to export CSV files of affiliate data, referrals, but also in your existing plugin configuration. This will allow you to easily import your configuration if your site gets stuck and you lose everything.


Some parameters can be modified according to your wishes and needs. So tab is provided for this purpose. First, you will need to enter and activate your license key for the plugin to work. Next, you need to fill out the important pages, such as the pages where affiliates can manage their accounts and the ones that explain the terms of use.

Other parameters relate to the percentage (or amount) of the commission, currency (euro, dollar, etc.), cookie expiration… The list of places where AffiliateWP should integrate should be configured on this tab. Emails automatically sent to affiliates are selected in the Settings tab. You can change the messages as you see fit. Personalization stickers are offered, making your emails more memorable.


Additional extensions are available on this tab. Feel free to consult with them to complete your offer for your affiliates.

How much does the plugin cost?

Like all premium plugins, AffiliateWP comes at a price. Its offer is suitable for agencies, personal websites or people who want to benefit from a lifetime of service and support. So we find four offers on the site:

AffiliateWP WordPress - التسعير
AffiliateWP WordPress – Pricing

These four offerings are part of the idea of ​​meeting everyone’s needs. A single personal website publisher will not need to install the extension on multiple sites. Just like publishers who run at most three websites. However, the price is still high, despite the fact that the affiliate can quickly repay the investment made for this plugin. In spite of everything, the “career” and “ultimate” offers are very interesting for professionals. Thus, they can install the plugin on an unlimited number of sites and join their many products.

And to allow you to choose with confidence, know that the site will give you a full refund if you are not satisfied within 30 days of purchase.

Buy AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is compatible with many other plugins

في Geekeries ، أقدم لكم بانتظام إضافات WordPress التي أجدها ممتعة ومفيدة للناشرين. من بينها تجد أشكال الجاذبية مظهرًا مثيرًا للاهتمام. لتلبية الطلب المتزايد ، يقدم AffiliateWP الحل المتوافق الخاص به مع هذا المكون الإضافي والعديد من المكونات الإضافية الأخرى مثل WooCommerce و Ninja Form و WP EasyCart و OptimizePress. يوضح هذا التوافق كيف يتم تصنيف الامتداد من بين الأفضل في السوق. يأخذ في الاعتبار المعلمات المختلفة للمكونات الإضافية الحالية ويكملها حتى لا يضطر مشرفي المواقع للاختيار.

AffiliateWP WordPress - التكامل
AffiliateWP WordPress – التكامل

لإنهاء عرض البرنامج المساعد AffiliateWP

إذا كنت ترغب في زيادة ظهورك وزيادة مبيعاتك ، فلا يسعني إلا أن أنصحك بالذهاب إلى هذه الوحدة. عبقري ، لقد فاز بالفعل بقلوب العديد من التجار عبر الإنترنت – انقر على تحسين محركات البحث على سبيل المثال ، استخدم هذا المكون الإضافي لكونك مهووسًا بالعمولة ، أود أن أعتقد أن المعلنين يمكن أن يستفيدوا من امتداد غني مثل AffiliateWP. للأشخاص الذين يستخدمونه ، ما رأيك؟

شراء AffiliateWP

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