8 White Hat SEO Strategies to Boost Your Search Traffic

8 White Hat SEO Techniques To Double Your Search Traffic

Stuck in a loop of optimizations that don’t provide results?

This essay offers white hat tactics that may possibly double, treble, or even tenfold your organic search traffic.

The Google website ranking system employs a number of algorithms meant to produce the “best” results.

Many aspects are considered by these algorithms, including the terms in a query, relevancy, website usability, source expertise, geo-location, and settings.

Furthermore, the weighting of these variables is determined by the type of question.

Freshness is quite important when it comes to current themes.

The page trust and authority are more important for a dictionary type definition.

Google uses an army of Quality Raters to guarantee that the algorithms are working properly.

They adhere to tight Google criteria to guarantee that the algorithm output meets the requirements specified for Page Quality and Needs to be Met. These principles are essential reading for anybody concerned about creating a high-performing website.

Google’s search algorithm considers five major parameters when choosing which results show at the top of their search results:

  • Meaning of your query.
  • Relevance of web pages.
  • Quality of content.
  • Context and settings.

By addressing these five issues, you will position yourself to exceed the competition. Here are some particular instructions:

1. Mobile First

I originally advocated for a “mobile-first” approach to SEO in March 2015, after labeling Google’s impending mobile change “mobilegeddon.”

If you are unsure if your website fits the mobile-friendliness standards, log in to your Search Console account and read the Mobile Usability Report.

Google will disclose mobile concerns there so that you may take the necessary steps to comply.

2. Claim Your Business Listing

Google will disclose mobile concerns there so you may take the necessary steps to comply.

Business Profiles. You may build a Google Business Profile if your company has a physical presence or goes to consumers.

Top 5 Google Business Profile Benefits

  • It’s FREE advertising – cheaper than paid search and faster than SEO.
  • Google Maps/3-Pack favors geographically relevant businesses.
  • An optimized profile makes a good first impression.
  • The ability to check profile performance & gain insights.

As Google’s capacity to give hyper-local results improves, it is crucial to have comprehensive and correct data on one’s Google Business Profile

This is still a simple win because many firms have yet to claim their listing.

3. Enhance Your Web Page Experience

3. Enhance Your Web Page Experience

It makes use of Core Web Vitals, a collection of metrics that assesses page loading performance, interactivity, and aesthetic stability, as well as mobile, HTTPS, and invasive interstitial restrictions.

What Effect Does Page Experience Have on Rankings?

When many pages meet the search criterion for relevancy, page experience is given more weight.

When many pages fulfill the search criterion for relevance, page experience is given more weigIt

In summary, page experience might be the deciding factor in SERP rankings.

4. Emphasis on User Experience (UX)

Google has long advised webmasters to prioritize creating an excellent user experience.

Websites that do so will profit the most as the system becomes “smarter.” A good user experience entails much more than just creating clean code.

The purpose of UX design in business is to promote customer happiness and loyalty through the usefulness, simplicity of use, and enjoyment delivered in the engagement with a product,” according to this Oxford Journal research.

Your website serves as the product for our objectives. The goal is to first understand a user’s aim, then build a system for smooth navigation – a methodology that elicits a favorable emotion and results in a positive overall experience.

It is simple to include UX best practices. The internet is brimming with templates and suggestions.

A/B testing distinguishes the professionals from the beginners.

Each of us has personal biases that impact how a website is built.

You will be able to quantify what is working and what isn’t by performing a series of tests, and you will be able to keep testing until you get it perfect.

5. Do Your Keyword Research

Yes, keyword research is still vital.

With Google supplying less keyword data, third-party keyword tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush have emerged to fill the hole.


However, owing to RankBrain and BERT, the way people do and use the findings of keyword research has altered.

RankBrain is, at its heart, machine learning. This helps Google to place things in context rather than relying exclusively on metadata strings. Google now recognizes linguistic intricacies such as stems, synonyms, and responses.

The abbreviation BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

The major purpose is to provide better search results for lengthier, more conversational searches in which prepositions such as “for” and “to” influence the context of a query.

Google predicted that when BERT launched in October 2019, it will affect 10% of all searches in the United States.

This is taken into account by the latest generation of keyword tools, which generate relevant data such as Parent Topics, Keyword Groups, and Search Intent.

Users can create contextually appropriate content with this information.

6. Have A Well-Rounded Content Marketing Plan

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 51% of all respondents believe it is more difficult to attract the attention of the audience now than it was a year ago.

Because content is one of the most essential Google ranking elements, it is critical to get it correctly. Once again, this creates a great opportunity for anyone prepared to put in the work.

Everyone speaks about producing “excellent content,” but what exactly does that entail?

It all boils down to creating helpful content, identifying the correct audience, and then reaching out to that audience.

This does not need to be a tough task. It all comes down to empathy for your prospects and consumers. To summarize, Ann Handley devised the following formula:

Innovative Content = Useful x Enjoyable x Inspired

Great material comes in a variety of formats. A well-rounded content marketing strategy will incorporate the following elements:

  • Blogs.
  • Data-driven visuals (Original Research).
  • Images.
  • Infographics.
  • SlideShare presentations.
  • Videos.

7. Pay Attention To On-Page Optimization

Did you know Google has its own Search Engine Optimization Beginner Guide? You now have.

despite its name, this article is an excellent resource for anybody who wants to improve their chances of appearing in Google search results.

The handbook includes crucial on-page fundamentals, such as recommended practices for optimizing:

  • Page Titles.
  • Headers.
  • Meta Descriptions.
  • Image Alt-text.
  • Structured Markup.
  • Page URLs.
  • Internal Linking.

Additional resources for optimizing on-page content:

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8. Link Building Supercharges All Other Efforts

The day may come when links are less crucial in ranking, but that day has yet to come. The goal is to obtain the appropriate kind of linkages.

Links that are pertinent to your website. Links that need to be reviewed by a human. The types of linkages that can be obtained.

My preferred method for obtaining relevant connections is to create a resource center. A resource center may be used on almost any type of website. A excellent resource center helps to create trust and authority in addition to garnering connections.

Download Link Building for SEO: A Complete Guide to learning more about this method and others.

The Bottom Line

Organic search is a numbers game. There is no one optimal method for dominating the SERPs. However, it does not have to be overpowering.

If you only concentrate on the eight areas mentioned above, you can double, treble, or even tenfold your traffic.

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