7 Best WordPress Hosting in Australia 2022

Before we tell you which are the best WordPress Hosting for Australia, there’s something we need to clear up.

Many consumers searching for WordPress hosting are really seeking for web hosting providers that support WordPress in Australia, as opposed to WordPress-specific hosting (aka managed WordPress hosting).

Typically, when you search for WP hosting, you find companies that specialise in “managed WordPress hosting,” which is a step up from your average web host (and typically costs significantly more – $6/month for a shared hosting solution that supports WordPress versus $30/month for high-end managed WP hosting is a HUGE difference).

There are a few unusual outliers, such as our number one pick, SiteGround, which offers managed WordPress hosting at pricing often associated with shared hosting plans.

If you are a small to medium-sized firm, do not want to host forums, and do not anticipate millions of monthly visits, either kind will suffice.

As a web design blogger, we have accounts with many different hosting providers (we like to experiment) and have chosen our favorite WordPress hosting based on experience, support, performance, and a variety of other considerations.

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Best WordPress Hosting for Australia

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Best WordPress Hosting Australia 2022 – Reviews

1. SiteGround

Best WordPress host

SiteGround is our all-time favourite and top choice for WordPress hosting, and the owners of the two million websites they host concur.

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And WordPress too

In addition, SiteGround is one of the very few hosting providers explicitly recommended by WordPress… and for good reason! BlueHost and Dreamhost are the only other hosting providers on this list.

BlueHost is also a suggestion of ours (you’ll learn more about it later in the post), but Dreamhost didn’t make the cut since their DreamPress plans may not be suitable for you. Anyway, let’s continue our SiteGround discussion.



  • ~100ms Load Time

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

  • 24/7 Support

  • Free SSL, CDN

  • Daily Backups

  • 500+ Applications Supported

  • Google Cloud with SSD-persistent Storage

Fine-tuned for WordPress

Everything is fine-tuned to make it as easy as possible for a WordPress website to run. Some of the things in their plans are:

  • SuperCacher is their one-click caching solution that will allow more people to view your site at the same time. Plus, it will make things go faster for people who come to visit.

  • One-click install for WP: WordPress recommends it and it’s managed WordPress hosting, so it’s no surprise that you can instal WordPress with just one click.

  • WP AutoUpdates: Again, it’s not a surprise that managed WordPress plans include an auto-update feature. This is for you if your site doesn’t change much and you won’t be opening wp-admin very often.

  • Free CDN: Because they work with Cloudflare, you can add a free CDN to your site. A content delivery network, or CDN, is a group of servers that store your website on each of their servers. This way, when someone tries to access your website, they’ll get it from the node of the CDN that’s closest to them. This is helpful in two ways: 1) The time it takes for the server to respond will be great. 2) The server’s main work will be spread out.

  • Free WP migrator: If you want to move your site to SiteGround, you can use the free WordPress Migrator Plugin from SiteGround.

  • WP-CLI and SSH access: You also get access to the command-line interface, so if you know how to use it, you can do everything from the command line.

Generally great features

Previously, we reviewed the elements that would enhance your WordPress experience; today, we’ll examine the general hosting services SiteGround offers:

  • Abundant web space: Managed WordPress plans from SiteGround provide SSD storage of 10 GB or more. It is more than sufficient for the intended aims of the designs, in our view.

  • Free SSL: Thanks to SiteGround free SSL, every communication between your website and visitors will be totally secure.

  • You may generate as many professional emails as you like at no additional cost. Suppose you are constructing a website for your company. It will increase the legitimacy of your communications, and you may establish email addresses for various reasons, such as for receiving help requests.

  • Free daily backups: SiteGround maintains a duplicate of your website in the event that you accidentally delete files or your site is compromised, leading in the loss of vital information. It automatically creates daily backups that may be restored if necessary.

  • 30-day refund guarantee: Moreover, you may request a refund during the first thirty days if you are not satisfied.


They also take security extremely seriously, with custom-built IDS & IPS systems that crawl the servers on a regular basis to ensure their cleanliness. Additionally, the most recent version of PHP with frequently updated security fixes reinforces its security.

customer support

We are not exaggerating when we state that the customer service is “incredible.” SiteGround offers one of, if not the finest WordPress support on the web hosting industry.

They provide round-the-clock phone, chat, and ticket help (with an average response time of 10 minutes on support tickets). And support representatives are knowledgeable and willing to go above and above to assist you.


  • Very user-friendly

  • Great security

  • Multiple data centres around the world

  • Free CDN, SSL, etc

  • Recommended by WordPress

  • In-house caching system for super-fast loading times

They offer three shared hosting options, beginning at only $3.99/month (down from $19.99)! Oh, and they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, making them a no-brainer for anybody in Australia seeking super-reliable and fast WordPress hosting!

Get Started Today & Grab the 80% discount while it lasts!

2. A2 Hosting

Best WordPress reseller hosting

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A2 Hosting is a web hosting company that is expanding at an astounding rate. Although not officially suggested by WordPress, their hosting plans are very well-optimized and ensure that all WP websites operate at peak efficiency. Their servers are outfitted with lightning-fast SSD drives and enough caching.

As for their WordPress plans, they provide two variants: DIY shared WordPress hosting, which represents their shared hosting, and Managed WordPress hosting. Obviously, both are optimised for WordPress. However, managed plans have additional benefits (and therefore cost more).

About A2 Hosting

  • Price: USD $2.99

  • Disk space: Unlimited

  • Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets


  • ~50-250ms Load Time

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

  • 24/7 Support

  • DDOS Protection

  • Free SSL

  • Anytime Money-Back Guarantee

  • Free Site Transfers

  • Cpanel Control Panel

  • Eco-friendly Hosting

Managed WordPress features

These characteristics are provided with managed plans:

  • Turbo servers are A2’s low-density servers that, according to the company, are 20 times quicker than regular shared servers. Hosting for websites on managed plans is provided by Turbo servers. In addition, premium WordPress shared plans use turbo servers.

  • To safeguard your website’s pages and posts, managed plans provide simple, automatic backups that can be restored with the push of a button.

  • Managed plans additionally provide a WordPress site staging option for individuals who like to test new features before adding them to the live site. It is a fantastic feature for developers; if you are a developer, you are aware of it.

  • Jetpack Personal: A2’s managed WordPress plans include a licence for Jetpack Personal. It’s a plugin for WordPress that handles backups, security, and overall site speed.

  • Another addition that will make developers pleased, WP-CLI is a command-line interface that WordPress developers may use to make modifications.

The other features

These are just controlled plan-specific features. They are clearly fundamental to both managed and unmanaged strategies, including:

  • SSD storage: A2 Hosting employs enterprise-grade RAID-10 solid-state drive to store data. Possibly the most effective storage used by a value-oriented commercial hosting company.

  • A2’s free SSL certificate ensures that potential eavesdroppers won’t be able to decipher the encryption SSL provides if you plan on requesting personal information from your visitors, such as their email address or credit card number.

  • You may establish as many business email addresses as you want for free.

  • They have teamed with Cloudflare in order to provide free CDN. A CDN will increase the average page load time by up to 200 percent.

  • Want to move your site from a different server for free? Well, A2 hosting will take care of it for you; you may do it yourself or call the expert team support for assistance.

The Guru Crew support

That is what they refer to their customer service as. The crew is accessible by email, support tickets, phone calls, and live chat around the clock. At 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., they are available to assist with any enquiry or concern.

cPanel vs. Plesk

The shared WordPress hosting plans give cPanel for hosting management, while the managed plans provide Plesk. Both control panels are of the highest quality, and you can get used to either and access all features from either.

Anytime money-back guarantee

A2 Hosting has the finest refund policy. Period. If you request a refund within the first 30 days after signing up for hosting, you will get a full refund. In addition, any claims submitted beyond 30 days, the preceding month’s expenses will be deducted and the remainder will be repaid.


  • Global servers

  • Unlimited disk space

  • Anytime money-back guarantee

Similar to SiteGround, they offer three shared hosting plans, the lowest of which begins at only $2.99 per month.

Visit Site>>

3. WP Hosting

Great WordPress hosting for small business

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Since 2008, WP Hosting has provided 100% Australian WordPress hosting.

That is the name of WPHosting‘s website, and we cannot express it more precisely. It’s an Australia-only WordPress-centric hosting service launched to support Australian WordPress website owners and bloggers. Today, they assist people, SMBs, organisations, and even the government.

About WP Hosting

  • Price: AUD $19

  • Disk space: 5 GB

  • Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets


  • ~250ms Load Time (TTFB)

  • Australian Servers

  • 1 Click Staging for Premium Plans

  • 24/7 100% Australian Support

  • GZIP, HTTP/2, PHP7+, MariaDB

  • Free SSL

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Free Site Migration

  • Always-On DDoS Protection

It’s premium

To begin with, WPHosting is not for everyone. If you value quality above money, you should only continue reading about their services. Obviously, you would have read the $19 price (which is roughly four times more than the majority of web hosting companies on this list), but in case you didn’t, here is a reminder.

The need for speed

You are purchasing WP Hosting for its quality, and one of the most important aspects of quality is loading speed. For optimal speeds, the following are included:

  • WPHosting plans provide at least 5 GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage capacity. It may not seem to be much, but it is more than enough for storing website pages and blog articles. Obviously, it’s inadequate if you wish to host videos directly. In any case, from a performance standpoint, it is vital to get SSD storage given that it is the most recent and quickest read/write storage that is practically useful.

  • Although they do not provide a free CDN, their servers are ready to instal CDN from big providers such as CloudFlare and MaxCDN. And if you were unaware, Cloudflare has a free version that you may utilise.

  • HTTP/2 is an update to the HTTP network protocol. Compared to its previous version, it accepts requests more quickly and has minimal latency, resulting in a speedier load time.

  • PHP7 is the most recent version of PHP; it is twice as fast as PHP5, its predecessor. With WP Hosting, your website will load swiftly.

  • Gzip is a file compression and decompression software programme. WP Hosting compresses your WordPress pages so that they load more quickly.

Australia data centres

The placement of their data centres is another issue that directly impacts speed and merits special notice. As stated in the introduction, WPHosting is a 100 percent Australian hosting service, and its data centre is also located in Australia.

This fact benefits you in two ways:

  1. Only Australian privacy regulations apply to WP Hosting.

  2. Server response time is a significant component that directly influences the performance of your website. The server response time is the amount of time it takes for a web server to get a response from the server. In general, the greater the server’s distance, the longer the response time.

Since WPHosting’s servers are located in Australia, you will have the fastest server response time.

This is the fundamental reason why we are not bothered by the absence of a CDN.


WP Hosting has many features that will safeguard the security of your website. This consists of:

  • Daily backups: If you lose your data in an unanticipated manner, you may retrieve it since WPHosting automatically backs it up every day (for a price, of course). Under the standard plan, 15 copies of your website are stored (from the previous 15 days). As you level up, it will climb to 30 and 45.

  • Your website and the server as a whole are continuously scanned for malware. Anything odd will be investigated immediately.

  • “Always on” DDoS protection: This prevents any DDoS assaults on your website or server in advance.

24/7 support

WPHosting’s customer service staff is an expert in its field. However, as they exclusively serve Australia, they are not genuinely accessible 24/7. You may create support requests, send emails, and access their knowledge base around the clock. However, chat and phone help are only accessible from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If this is not a deal-breaker for you, we can certainly testify for the excellence of their customer service.

Three WordPress plans

StartUp, Business, and Corporate are the three WordPress options offered by this company. They are intended for what their name implies.

They cost $19/mo, $29/mo, and $49/mo, respectively, to renew on a monthly basis. However, you will get a discount on the yearly purchase.


WP Hosting is an amazing alternative if you are seeking for a quality WordPress host and want to support a local company. Ideal for Australian entrepreneurs that want local hosting.


  • WordPress hosting kings


  • Probably won’t work if you’re on a budget…

  • Or don’t use WordPress

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4. Hostgator

Best cheap WordPress hosting

HostGator is an industry veteran and an excellent option for those on a budget. They are not as strong as SiteGround or other WP-specialized providers, but in terms of performance-to-cost ratio, they are competitive.

We use them for a variety of smaller projects and brief trials for which we do not want to pay for premium hosting.

That is a broad summary of HostGator’s services. However, we do suggest their cloud-based managed WordPress solutions for WordPress.

Cloud architecture

Hostgator’s managed WordPress plans leverage cloud architecture, which is a unique feature on the budget hosting market.

Multiple distinct servers are synchronised and utilised to host a website in a cloud architecture. 1) The server demand is spread and balanced; and 2) Since numerous servers power your website, if one server goes down, your website will continue to function, i.e. it has a high uptime.

Another benefit of cloud hosting is the ability to grow at any time; just update your resources and you’re ready to go.

About HostGator

  • Price: $2.75 (USD)

  • Disk Space: Unlimited

  • Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets


  • ~100-300ms Load Time (TTFB)

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

  • Free Domain

  • Free SSL

  • Free site transfers

  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

High speed

Hostgator’s cloud-based managed plans give both high uptime and speed. In reality, a combination of the following elements makes it about 2.5 times quicker than its shared equivalents, which we deem acceptable.

  • Low-density servers: Fewer sites are hosted per server with their managed WordPress services, thereby providing your website more resources (mostly RAM and CPU power).

  • A content delivery network, or CDN, delivers your website’s content throughout its server network. Thus, when a user views your website, they will get a copy from the closest node of the CDN, reducing the strain on the primary server.

  • Caching: HostGator employs a multi-layer caching system to offer requested pages to users more quickly.

Free SSL certificate

All managed solutions include a complimentary SSL certificate, which is very valuable if your website is intended for direct or indirect commercial usage. Essentially, it encodes the visitor’s information so that it cannot be intercepted and stolen. For instance, when selecting a plan for your WooCommerce shop, credit card information must be protected. In addition, the buyer is reassured by the lock icon next to your URL.

HostGator employs 256-bit encryption with a 2048-bit key, making brute-force attacks unfeasible.

Free migration & domain

If you currently have a website hosted elsewhere, the HostGator staff will assist you in transferring it for free.

However, you will need a domain name if this is your first time constructing a website or if you want to utilise Hostgator for a new site. HostGator offers one free domain for this purpose. Register a domain for the first year with annual plans and higher. After the year expires, the domain will be automatically renewed at $17.99.

$100 ad credits

Managed WordPress plans from HostGators include $100 in Google ad credits, which will help you receive the first boost you require. Utilizing Google Adwords, you may acquire targeted visitors.

24/7 customer support

Their customer service representatives are well-versed in WordPress cloud hosting. You may get immediate responses by phone call and live chat. Additionally, support tickets are available. In addition, they offer a respectable information base for typical inquiries.

Managed WordPress plans

Three WordPress hosting plans are available from HostGator: Starter ($5.95/mo), Standard ($7.95/mo), and Business ($9.95/mo). The plans allow you to host one, two, or three websites and provide similar resources for each. The basic plan can accommodate around 100,000 monthly visitors, the intermediate plan can accommodate approximately 200,000 monthly visitors, and the business plan is appropriate for 500,000 monthly hits.


Despite the fact that their shared plans are not of a better quality, HostGator managed WordPress plans are well worth the price. You may get cloud hosting for as little as $5.95 per month!


  • Experienced

  • So cheap

  • Great value for the price

  • Unlimited Disk space


  • Servers in the US, loading times suffer a bit

Their plans start at only USD $2.75 (Around AUD $3.70)

Visit Site>>

5. Bluehost

Great WordPress hosting for bloggers

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Bluehost is another hosting veteran; the last several years have been quite a rollercoaster for them. As a consequence of their acquisition by the dreaded EIG, everything went south, from speed to support. It wasn’t nice.

However, they have been trying extremely hard to improve their image recently, and it seems to be succeeding. Again, the service is excellent, and the WordPress-centric hosting options function quite efficiently. They provide nice features like as free SSL and a TON of storage space to begin with.

A CDN is advised if you wish to join up with them since they do not have any data centres in Australia or nearby.

About Bluehost

  • Price: USD $2.95

  • Disk space: 50 GB

  • Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets


  • ~100-400ms Load Time (TTFB)

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

  • 24/7 Phone and Email Support

  • Free SSL

  • Free Domain Name

  • 75+ Apps Supported

  • Free Site Transfer

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hosting option

Regarding WordPress hosting alternatives, they provide 1) WP hosting and 2) WP Pro, a fully managed WordPress hosting service. They also provide VPS and dedicated hosting on which you may instal WordPress and experiment.

Recommended by WordPress

One of the three official hosts recommended by is BlueHost, as noted in the SiteGround section.

The fact that WordPress recommends SiteGround boosts the list’s legitimacy in our opinion. However, we do not believe BlueHost should be one of the three web hosting officially recommended by WordPress. BlueHost is unquestionably fantastic (it’s on our list of the best WordPress hosting for Australia for a reason), but is it really that worthy? No, according our assessment.

WP Pro features

These are the most notable and distinctive features offered in BlueHost hosting services:

  • When you choose a WP Pro subscription, WordPress will already be installed on your website. In addition, auto-updates and core environment updates make WordPress the quickest and most reliable platform imaginable.

  • WP Pro plans are pricey, and hence enterprises are likely to utilise them. Consequently, it includes a marketing centre from which you can control email, SEO, and social media. Additionally, you may incorporate Google Analytics for marketing centre analysis.

  • Jetpack: All WP Pro plans include the Basic, Pro, and Premium versions of the Jetpack plugin. Essentially, it is a WordPress security and speed plugin.

  • WordPress themes: All WP Pro subscriptions get access to more than 100 WordPress themes. You may modify any of them to your specifications and launch your website within a few hours.

  • Staging environment: A staging platform enables you to test modifications such as plugin installation, WordPress updates, etc. on a clone of the live site, so protecting it from possible errors. This functionality is only available on the WP Pro plan.

Common features

Even more essential than the unique features are the basic aspects that will maintain your website’s foundation solid. BlueHost also offers these features, which include:

  • Free SSL certificate to encrypt the visitor-to-server communication route.

  • Unmetered storage to store an unlimited number of files, articles, pages, etc.

  • Having a free domain for the first year is a nice perk, particularly if you are launching a new website.

  • Free CDN with multi-layer caching for optimal speed in Australia and throughout the world.

  • A $200 marketing credit to provide an initial boost for your website.

  • Backups are provided with the WP Pro and Choice Plus shared WP hosting plans.

  • 24/7/365 customer service and WordPress professional help (by phone, live chat, and support tickets) for any technical and non-technical issues.

  • And a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

BlueHost WP plans

The WordPress shared plan is $3.95 per month. Choice Plus, the most costly plan in this category, costs $6.95 per month.

There are three WP Pro plan options: Build, Grow, and Scale. These cost $19.95, $29.95, and $49.95 a month, respectively.


BlueHost is an outstanding host in general. It works well, has outstanding uptime, is secure, and gives 24/7 customer assistance that is adequate. It’s also suggested by, which is not a criterion you should use to evaluate a web server but is nonetheless a plus.


  • Free SSL

  • Plenty of disk space

  • Affordable


  • US servers

  • Rocky reputation

Visit Site>> BlueHost

6. Panthur

Great WordPress hosting for beginners

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Panthur was once a wholly Australian company, and its servers are still located in Australia, however they were acquired by Hostopia. The transition to the new parent firm was very difficult, necessitating the training of new support workers. Although it seems they have returned to their old splendour.

They provide reasonably priced plans on high-performance servers with considerable power. While they do not provide WordPress-specific plans, their standard shared plans support WordPress and have 1-click instals.

About Panthur

  • Price: AUD $6

  • Disk space: 10 GB

  • Support: Phone, Tickets


  • ~200ms Load Time in Australia

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

  • Australian Servers

  • 24/7 Support

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Website Builde

The downside

If you wish to target a foreign country, you’ll need a content delivery network (CDN) since they don’t have any data centres outside. However, Panthur is ideal if your primary audience is Australians.

Adequate server resources

Let’s review the server resources included in the lowest Economy package.

  • The Mini plan, which is designed for a single website, has 2 GB of storage capacity. This is adequate for blogs and little websites.

  • The plans include one gigabyte of RAM. It exceeds what the majority of web hosting services provide. In reality, one of the most effective web servers, A2 Hosting, provides 700 MB of RAM with its standard plan.

  • Bandwidth: 100 GB of bandwidth per month is more than sufficient for tiny websites with low traffic. Of course, more of it will be required if you are aggressively promoting and drawing people.

  • You may use up to one CPU core simultaneously, which is amazing.

  • I/O speed: The I/O speed for the economy plans is 2 MB/s. It is sufficient if real-time traffic is moderate.


Panthur does has several structurally sound characteristics, such as the following:

  • This enables you to establish free professional email addresses with unlimited storage. Create as many as necessary. E.g., Different emails for help, personal, sales, newsletter, etc. Keep in mind, however, that you may send no more than 500 emails every hour.

  • Panthur automatically backs up your site periodically, and with the Click Restore function, you may restore a copy with a single click.

  • Free SSL certificate: All the domains hosted with Panthur will have SSL certification. It will encrypt all the communications happening between server and user.

  • Cloudflare with Railgun: As you may be aware, Cloudflare CDN saves your website on their network of servers to provide webpages to people more quickly. Railgun speeds the connection between each Cloudflare data centre and an origin server, allowing requests that cannot be fulfilled by the Cloudflare cache to be fulfilled swiftly.

  • Free domain registration is also available for,,,.com,.net, extensions. It applies to the first year of any annual or higher plan.

The two promises

Like the majority of hosting companies, Panthur assures two things:

  • If they fail to provide at least 99.9% uptime, you will get a refund for the period of excessive downtime.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee: If, after purchasing a plan, you don’t like their services (which is unusual), you may request a complete refund within the first 30 days. You will get it without having to explain why or what.

Panthur plans

There are three sorts of web hosting packages, each having three tiers. Economy packages provide the most affordable rates, beginning at $6 per month. The Business plans begin at $21 per month, while the Stealth packages begin at $50 per month.

These are their monthly fees, and if you prepay for a year or more, you may get a savings of up to 20%.


Thanks to Australian data centres, Panthur is a superb host if you are servicing Australian users. Thanks to Cloudflare and Railgun, it is also acceptable for worldwide visitors. In any case, it is otherwise well-rounded.


  • Local web host

  • Great performance

  • Good support

  • Servers in Australia…


  • But none overseas…

  • Only 2 GB disk space on their basic plan

Their lowest plan begins at $5 per month, however we suggest their bronze business plan for the optimal value-to-cost ratio.

Visit Site>> Panthur

7. Cloudways

Best cloud hosting for WordPress

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Cloudways is the king of cloud hosting; they enable you to access the data centres of many premium hosting providers and develop and administer a vast selection of applications (including WordPress). Even if there is a learning curve, having access to high-performance hardware for a fraction of the cost of managed VPSs or dedicated servers is very cool!

They collaborate with large cloud providers such as Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, and others. The primary advantage here is the scalability that cloud hosting provides.

Cloudways plans

Here, we will depart from the norm and discuss Cloudways’ intentions first. You may choose servers from any of the five cloud providers listed below.

  • Digital Ocean: DO plans range from $10/month to $80/month (for 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, and 25 GB storage) (4 CPU core, 8 GB RAM, and 160 GB storage).

  • Linode plans range in price from $12 to $90 per month.

  • Vultr: Vultr packages range from $11 per month to $84 per month.

  • AWS: CloudWays’ AWS plans range in price from $36.51 per month to $274.33 per month.

  • Google Cloud pricing ranges from $33.30 per month to $226.05 per month.

All of these cloud service providers are quite well-known, particularly AWS and Google cloud. Digital Ocean is also rather well-known. Both Vultr and Linode are well-known in tech circles.

The data centre aspect

Cloudways handles the management of your WordPress site. Each cloud service provider owns the servers. Each of the five providers has its own data centre in a separate location. And one of the advantages of having so many possibilities is that you can always find a good match.

If your target audience consists of Australians, for instance, Linode, AWS, and GCE all have data facilities in Sydney.

Excellent performance

Cloudways is designed for great performance, as seen by the following aspects of their offerings:

  • On each plan, specific resources are provided. Meaning, if 1 GB RAM is specified, you will get 1 GB RAM. It is quite improbable with other shared hosting companies.

  • All cloud services utilise enterprise-grade SSDs to store your data.

  • Cloudways offers its own CDN add-on, which assures outstanding global response times. Still, we suggest selecting the data centre closest to your audience.

  • Similarly, they offer a unique caching plugin that will allow you to provide static data faster, hence accelerating the loading time overall.

  • With HTTP/2 and the most recent version of PHP, throughput and requests per second are optimised.

Other features

In addition to performance characteristics, there are a number of additional vital characteristics, including those listed below.

  • Free transfer of your website to Cloudways.

  • Free SSL certificate to encrypt the user-server communication path. This is particularly important if you need personal information from the visitor, such as a cell phone number or payment information.

  • Continuous real-time monitoring, frequent security patching, and twin firewalls to protect your website and server from any kind of attacks.

  • Automated backups in case you lose vital website pages or the whole website.

  • Before releasing modifications to the live site, testing changes on a copy of the site or building the whole site in a staging environment.

  • Access to SSH and SFTP for WordPress developers.

  • And a large number of team management and collaboration capabilities.

24/7 expert support

You may contact them by support ticket, online form, and live chat 24 hours a day.

You may also request a callback at any time. There is one premium support option that provides quicker response times, access to the Slack channel, and other perks. In addition, a diverse knowledge base is clearly present.


If your budget allows, choose Cloudways.

The performance is remarkable, the security is superb, and the customer service is outstanding; it has everything a top-tier hosting service must have.


  • High-performance hosting

  • Very scalable


  • More difficult to master

Visit Site>> Cloudways

Frequently Asked Questions About Most Popular WordPress Hosts

1. Which WordPress hosting is best and cheap?

7 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Plans:
Hostinger – from $0.99/month.
DreamHost – from $2.59/month.
Bluehost – from $2.95/month. (Our top recommendation!)
GreenGeeks – from $2.95/month.
A2 Hosting – from $2.99/month.
iPage – from $3.75/month.
HostGator – from $5.95/month.

2. Does WordPress work in Australia?

Yeah. WordPress is free and extremely popular. It’s a good idea, unless there’s another website you need. You can setup an own hosting site or pay hosting companies like us for the hosting.

3. Which hosting is best for WordPress beginners?

Best WordPress Host for Beginners — Five best choices. Bluehost. Flywheels. – Siteround. Kindy. Flywheels. Dreamhosts. Site Ground. Is it?

4. Which hosting is best for WordPress?

10 Best WordPress Hosting 2022
1. Bluehost
2. SiteGround
3. WP Engine
4. Hostinger
5. DreamHost
6. HostGator
7. Kinsta
8. Flywheel
9. InMotion Hosting
10. A2 Hosting

Conclusion on the best web hosting companies of Australian wordpress

Finding WordPress hosting in Australia requires a delicate balance. Obviously, you want to get the most support, speed, and usefulness for your cash. Obviously, this is limited by the amount of money you can raise in a given month.

In general, you should consider VPS, dedicated server, managed WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting choices.

None of these solutions are flawless, but they are typically superior than those available in the private or public sectors.

Additionally, you must establish a list of prerequisites. WordPress developers who maintain a single website will have vastly different requirements than agency designers. Developers need a single configuration that enables them to manage several functionalities, like SSH, FTP, MySQL, Git, and others. Designers, on the other hand, may profit immensely from accounts that can be locked, inventoried, and customised within a few months of the barrel being opened.

Nevertheless, a brief self-assessment may swiftly determine needs. Create a documented checklist and assess the article’s content. Be sure to include frightening budget line items. By comparing the checklist with the merits and limitations of each Australian WordPress hosting business, you can quickly determine which one or two are the most suitable for your website.

In conclusion, we hope that you like the article, and we also hope that you will like one of the web providers we mentioned to you in this article. We would also like to tell you that we will check all the hosting features and mention the most prominent ones.

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7 Best WordPress Hosting in Australia 2022