3 Google Merchant Center changes you may have missed

3 Google Merchant Center changes you may have missed

Google made a series of updates to Merchant Center earlier this quarter that businesses should be aware of. Here’s a quick rundown.

Attribute for pausing. Google released a stop attribute in April to temporarily disable adverts.

This allows retailers to temporarily halt shopping advertisements without using the “out of stock” or “availability” attributes.

This was a necessary modification because many retailers aren’t aiming to entirely stop marketing or that a product would be available for purchase again in the near future. Starting in 2023, wrongly utilizing the “availability” element may result in your advertising being rejected.

Backorder and presale product availability dates.

All products with the “backorder” or “preorder” property will require an “availability date” on when the item will be back in stock later this month.

Shopping content that isn’t supported. Google also stated that starting this month, its Unsupported Shopping content policy has been changed to reflect a change in how motor-powered bicycles are listed:

“Electric motorcycles with a top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) or less are still permitted.” However, on the landing page and either the product title or description, product listings for these electric bikes must now expressly disclose the bicycle’s speed. If the speed is not specified, the items violate our policy and will be rejected.”

Why do we care? While these changes are minor, failing to follow the new standards may result in items not being shown.

The option to immediately interrupt product advertisements is a wonderful feature that avoids the previously required workarounds.

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